From Team Members


“There are many reasons I love working with SOULMATES. The friendship with the dogs and their families makes this job very special. A trust is developed when we care for others' loved ones, and out of that comes a strong sense of loyalty, honor and respect between guardian, animal and the caregiver. We all want what's best for the animal and understand that every creature has different personalities and needs.”


“I have great love and respect for all animals, but the dog is very special. No other creature on earth has a disposition so friendly and has given such insurmountable dedication towards humanity as the dog. As a SOULMATES team member, I have been given a gift of knowing many dogs intimately and to work with their Guardians to give the best care possible. Dogs are an emblem for Love, Gratitude, and Integrity, which is what I know SOULMATES honors.”

From Professionals

“I am so glad to be able to recommend SOULMATES Animal Care. I have worked with them for many years and always found them to be responsible, caring and trustworthy. It means so much for me to be able to go away and not worry about my beloved animals. They are always willing to listen to my concerns and pay attention to many small details. Karla works diligently with her staff to train them well, and she matches her client to the right caregivers.~ Pamela Bouchard DVM, Tender Care Veterinarian

Gentle TouchSOULMATES provides outstanding pet care. I highly recommend their services.” ~ Angela DiMeglio, M.S., Gentle Touch Puppy & Dog Training