We will help you start your puppy's life right in the important formative months, by giving them personal visits until they graduate to the adolescent and adult dog groups. From the moment your puppy comes into your life we teach her or him that coming to you when called is nothing short of being the best thing in the world.

  • Dog walks

    The puppy’s name will be with them for life, so we make sure they know it by associating it with all things pleasant and fun. In the same way dog’s cotton on in a very positive way to words such as ‘walkies’, ‘biscuits’ or ‘dinner-time’ they should be given the same association with their own name. Too often the only time the puppy hears his or her name is when they have done something naughty. ‘Jasper, stop doing that!’ ‘Buster, leave that alone!’ We try to ensure that we NEVER use the puppy’s name in a negative scenario only positive ones. Your puppy should associate his or her own name with all that is pleasant and fun and nothing that is negative. The word ‘no’ is negative and it is enough to cover all undesirable behaviour.

  • All puppies love to jump out when greeting anyone. Rather than reprimand the pup, we simply ignore the behaviour and wait until he or she settles down and is not jumping up before lavishing any attention on them. Above all else, we don’t encourage the behaviour by patting or praising the dog when they are in the ‘jump-position’ or we may run in to problems as the dog gets bigger and views jumping up as an easy way to receive attention.

  • OWWWW! We teach your puppy that biting or nipping is not a pleasant experience for us by reacting as if in pain to their playful nips. Rather than scold the dog, we let him or her know that nipping is not a pastime that we wish to engage in. Letting out an over-exaggerated expression of pain will more than likely shock the puppy into ceasing this behaviour. You will be glad to put an end to this behaviour early on instead of confronting a ‘playful’ 2-year-old with a full set of adult teeth!

  • We don’t over-train your puppy. Remember, a one-year old dog is, effectively, the same as a seven-year old person. It is a good rule of thumb to keep reminding yourself ‘would I expect a three, four, five or six-year old child to accomplish some of the tasks I am asking of my pup?’ Manners, house-cleanliness and the very basics (including socialisation) are all you should really seek to instil in your puppy until such a time, as they are mature enough to undergo a more formal training regime. Puppies can deceive you into thinking they are ready for training but will ultimately ‘rebel’ against discipline as they get older. We teach your puppy to respond to his or her name, what is and is not acceptable in terms of house-manners and establish an uninhibited relationship with your pup. That is more important than any other discipline in the early stages of any dog’s life.


24-Hr Care

During your vacation or business trip, your puppy will be treated like a member of our family while staying in one of our homes. They live with us as if they are our own. We provide the ultimate care, with lots of love, attention and exercise.

Housesitting & Home Care

Your companion animal can stay at home an be well cared for in their own home environment. This is especially useful for animals with ongoing medical concerns, or for animals who thrive on more human interaction and companionship. In addition to keeping your animal happy, we are also present to make sure that your home is secure and well maintained.