At SOULMATES ANIMAL CARE the safety of your animal always comes first. We design an exercise program to best meet your dog's physical, mental and social needs. In additional to providing the exercise critical to your dog's health, dog walks are a great time to practice manners and reinforce good behaviors. We take great care to bring your dog into a small group of compatible new friends. There is nothing more motivating than a hike with friends in the beautiful parks and trails of Marin County!

Walks & Hiking
A study undertaken in New South Wales found that 41 per cent of dog owners walk, on average, 18 minutes per week longer than people without dogs. However, the majority of dog owners (59 per cent) don’t walk their dogs at all, and do less physical activity than people without dogs.

Walking is important, not only for you, but for the dog’s health. Obesity in pets is associated with a number of medical complaints including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance.

Many people today do not walk their dog correctly. A common sight is a person hanging onto the end of a leash with a dog at the other end, pulling and wandering whichever direction he decides to go. Some dog owners proclaim that their dog simply enjoys having a training collar pulled tight throughout the entire walk. These dog owners are not walking their dog - the dog is walking them.

Dog walksAt SOULMATES ANIMAL CARE we are trained in the proper way to walk a dog. It takes practice and consistency to get a dog to walk correctly, on a slack leash, but the benefits are great.

According to Cesar Millan in his book Cesar's Way, dogs have a migratory instinct within them that the daily walk helps to satisfy. At the same time, the exercise of having the dog walk on a slack leash will reinforce the owner as the pack leader. The importance of being a pack leader is not to dominate the dog, but rather to ensure that the dog listens to the owner and behaves appropriately in all circumstances.

This daily walk needs to be adjusted for the needs of the dog. A high energy dog, such as a Border Collie, should be walked for a longer period of time than a toy breed dog, such as the Yorkshire Terrier. Walking the Border Collie for an hour will help burn excess energy, while a half-hour walk may suffice for the Yorkie.

You can rest assured that, with SOULMATES ANIMAL CARE your soulmate will be properly trained and walked whenever he or she is with us.


24-Hour Care
During your vacation or business trip, your dog will be treated like a member of our family while staying in one of our homes. They live with us as if they are our own. We provide the ultimate care, with lots of love, attention and exercise.

In-Home & Home Care
Your companion animal can stay at home an be well cared for in their own home environment. This is especially useful for animals with ongoing medical concerns, or for animals who thrive on more human interaction and companionship. In addition to keeping your animal happy, we are also present to make sure that your home is secure and well maintained.