Karla Rasmussen, Founder and Owner

Marin Pet Care Association

Picture of the founding board-members of Marin Pet Care Association. Celebratory dinner. Shown: Kay Poole, PET PATROL; Karla Rasmussen, Soulmates; Pavla Sim, Paws in Motion; Maud Trachtenberg, Dog Mom

Karla RasmussenKarla's love for animals and the Bay Area has always been a defining part of her life. Years ago she and her father rescued a dog named Rusty. This was the beginning of what is now known as SOULMATES Animal Care.

Her relationship with her father inspired Karla to begin on a journey, grow a company, and create a business based on love, professionalism and integrity.

With over two decades of hands-on training, Karla draws upon her extensive background:

  • she is certified in canine education and training through the Marin Humane Society
  • as well as in trail manners workshops and “Myrna Milani” seminars
  • inclusing dog aggression prevention, leash education, behavioral workshops, private trainings and
  • working with veterinarians throughout Marin County
  • Karla is a member of the founding board of Marin Pet Care Association

…and works hard to create a stylized, developmental and fun environment for each client.


Soul Mates staff

After our rigorous interviewing process, each and every one of our team members undergoes an extensive background, credit and references check. In addition to the range of experience they bring to the company, each new team member is fully trained in every aspect of animal care to prepare them to join the SOULMATES team. Dog walkers are certified in the trail manners course conducted by Marin Humane Society. Many team members choose to participate in continuing education in the field of animal care.


SOULMATES provided supportive care for my dog Huck who had many health-related issues throughout the seven years that SOULMATES helped us. Not the least of these were cancer and diabetes.

Without the compassionate, meticulous care that SOULMATES provided to Huck, I would never have been able to manage his intensive needs. SOULMATES quite literally enabled Huck to have a longer life with more love and care than I imagined possible.” ~ by Carolyn Vaughan